by Leslie Ter Morshuizen

(Article from our Jan/Feb Magazine)

Several species of catfish are farmed across the African mainland with Clarias gariepinus (North African Catfish, also known as the African Sharptooth Catfish) being the most commonly used and the subject of this article. This species occurs across virtually the entire continent in freshwater lakes, swamps, pans and rivers. The optimal temperature for this species is 27-28°C, so during the summer months the adults are ready to spawn, but delay spawning until rains cause rivers to swell.

The value of catfish in the African market is moderate to high at $3.2/kg in Nigeria and $2.2/kg in Uganda , although this pales against the $5.6/kg in Saudi Arabia and $6.96/kg in Bulgaria!

Breeding catfish in captivity starts by preparing the adults under appropriate water quality conditions with a diet that includes copious amounts of live foods, such as fish, xenopus, earthworms and chicken liver. This diet causes the gonads to develop generous quantities of eggs and sperm, ready to be stripped by the farmer at will.
Twelve hours prior to the desired stripping time, the female is given a booster injection of gonadotropin releasing hormone, SUBSCRIBE TO READ MORE….